The Most frightening story ever told

A scary story written by renowned British author Philip Kerr, published by Knopf, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

Monster-ized books, a fun visual to play with but it drifted too far from the story.

Boy on the left was too old and close up, the right sketch was the final. Now, this may sound weird but the cover I'm showing you below and at the very start of this post is a different cover than we used on the actual book. I'm not going to show you that one because it was done a year ago and really doesn't fit with what I want my current work to be. It's honestly a hard choice to make, I certainly don't want to offend my wonderful art director and client but I know they understand the need an illustrator has for cohesiveness as well as progression of work. I'm extremely thankful for their confidence in me a year ago. If you want to see that cover check it out on Amazon. 

Really loved playing with texture on this final, as well as duplicating the line and offsetting it just a bit to give it a printed feel.