Jason Brubaker's Sithrah - Kickstarter

To all you comic fans out there, if you haven't heard of Jason Brubaker well....well, you really should hear about Jason Brubaker! He's a former storyboard artist that's been doing full time comic work for awhile now. His latest comic, Sithrah can be read at Webtoons, but the print version has gone to Kickstarter a few days ago and passed it's goal in the first day! Support it now to push into the stretch goals! Here's the link to check it out: 


In addition to making great comics Jason shares his insights into the comic industry through his book Unnatural Talent and his Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/BrubakerMotion/videos) I highly recommend both if you're at all interested in comics or just want an interesting podcast to listen to!

Oh yeah, and this is some fan art for Sithrah! first sketch on the left above, traced over with a blackwing pencil, scanned into photoshop and colored there. Hope you guys have a great weekend!