That Old Time Watercolor Feelin'

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably been seeing these already, you'll also know that I started making them as a result of listening to the band Lullatone. I found them on Spotify and they make music that really get's to the "kid in me", something pretty special, especially if you work in the children's literature arena.

 It's actually hard for me to stay in a "cute and cuddly" visual mode for too long, I'm naturally drawn toward more dark and mysterious subject matter, so finding this band was great, you should definitely listen to them.

As you'll see below, that gravitation towards dark and mysterious took me to this painting. I'm experimenting with one brush in particular and it's just blowing my mind. The "pastel palooza" brush in Kyle T. Webster's Ultimate Megapack is worth the whole $15 and more it takes to buy that set.