The Wizard Gandalf

So much for keeping this blog post serialized. Here's my newest piece in full, from thumbnail to final painting.

This painting pretty much followed the same steps as the previous Frodo one. Just alternating between paint and colored pencils. I've launched my Youtube Channel and have 5 videos of my progress through this painting. I go through my process a little more thoroughly as well as my materials. Please feel free to comment on my videos, subscribe, and ask any questions you'd like me to answer on future videos. Here's the link:

1. Thumbnail

3. Tight Colored Pencils on Illustration Board

5. Colored Pencils

6. Close up Grain.

8. Colored Pencils again

10. Framed up. I think I'll put them in nicer ones later though.

2. Color Study

4. 1st Acryla Gouache Wash

6. Heavy Colored Pencils

7. Second Acryla Gouache Wash

8. Close up detail

9. Final, with minor photoshop adjustments