Hodgepodge Volume 1

In tandem with the previous Indie Craft Parade blog post I wanted to write about my experience in make my first sketchbook, which debuted at the parade. 

Alot of illustrators produce a sketchbook that chronicles their personal work over a certain time period, whether that's a year, or....more years. I've come to really admire the ones that can make something complete happen in a year. Some, like Cory Godbey, use the sketchbook to start and finish a whole new personal project within a year. Though I admire that approach I wanted to keep things kind of free for myself to play around with technique, theme and media, closer to what Cory Loftis has done with his personal sketchbook which can be bought at Gallery Nucleus. 

It was a great experience to collect alot of work that I had done without any real thought to where I would put it. It's really freeing to doodle and dream without thinking about audience, deadline, and money, remember, you can always edit down. 

The book is 7" x 11", perfect bound, soft cover, contains 44 pages of artwork, and if you order it before the end of September 24, 2014 I'll sketch inside on the title page just for you.


Volume 1 is dedicated to my wonderful Dad, whose middle school photo is proudly displayed on the back cover. I intend to use all child photos when dedicating any more future books.