This weekend follows the first weekend I've exhibited at a show, no, it wasn't at a comic con like one would expect. It was at the lovely and amazing Indie Craft Parade! I confess that I am a padawan when it comes to shows in general and comic cons especially, the first one I attended was Heroes Con in Charlotte only a few months before. I didn't quite know what to expect as far as sales, printing costs, booth setups, et cetera et cetera. I especially wasn't prepared for the overwhelming excitement it was for me to meet alot of you in person and to be able to talk about my work yes, but also what you guys are up to and what you find interesting in the world today, literature, arts, et cetera again. It was a blast talking and sharing with all who could come out and I want to say a huge THANK YOU. As well as a ginormous THANK YOU to the wonderful creators and administrators of the Indie Craft Parade.

This weekend I also got to take the short trip up to Asheville, NC to see ACE(Asheville Comic Expo) with my wife. Pretty much for the sole purpose of meeting this guy, Joey Ellis, and buying his wonderful Leaky Timbers. In the same way that I was excited to meet and talk with fans of my work and fellow illustrators and artists I could tell that Joey was very willing and happy to talk to me and my wife about his work, and about ours as well. He gave me some great and much needed advice in the developing of characters and stories department. He's a super nice guy with a really great vision, check his work out and follow him on all social media.

Check out this swag! The book cover really does feel like melted butter and the pin can and should be worn on all clothing.