Christmas Season Tips and Tricks

1. Go to the Indie Craft Holiday Fair, it's usually in early December, tons of fun and loads of great gift ideas for exactly everyone you can think of.

2. If you experience car trouble first check the gas tank, it may be that there is no gas in it, in which case all you need is a gas can and gas. You do not need to go to AAA car care for them to tell you that your engine is destroyed and you need a new car, you don't need to go to Master Tech Automotive either for them to tell you that you need a new fuel pump, all you need is Iain Fraser, I can give you his number, he'll save you dollars.

3 + 4. Hand painted and dipped Christmas presents are really fun and easy to make.

5. When entertaining your father make sure he has the necessary tennis guides to occupy himself.

6. When shopping for a Christmas tree try to get the biggest and nicest, even if you have to cut it in half to fit in your house.

7. When having a sleeping wife nearby make sure you can cup her head with your hand so she sleeps peacefully as you listen to the new heavy metal album you just purchased. Just kidding, heavy metal is ewh.