Mini Paintings

It's a sad but true statement that one of my biggest obstacles to making art is...making art.

It's that beginning, that resistance that Steven Pressfield so accurately describes in his book The War of Art, the start. It is rare but sometimes I really don't want to get out my pants and set up my art space, it's laziness talking I know but we all know how tempting it can sound. 

But to the point of this blog, I wanted to create a few paintings, but I didn't want to spend too much time in the painting stage, so, shortcut = make them smaller. Each painting here is about 3in x 2in, I doodled, applied paint and done, extremely fast. I don't really know if this is succumbing to laziness, or defeating it...I do know that I liked the results balanced with the time it took for me to make these images, and I hope you do as well, because, lest I and other artists forget, this is for you, the audience, as much as it is for me, the artist.


These are essentially puzzled pieces. That blue, abstract square is the background of the portrait, the orange, simplified shapes are the pattern on that background and the bust is, of course, the portrait itself. I hope you like the landscape, they're not something that I do too often, but I do think that will be changing. The singing figure is a sneak peak at a Christmas book in the making, scheduled to release this year! More to come about that.

tumblr landscape.jpg
self portrait.jpg