Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

My Thanksgiving celebration went alittle different this year. Normally I would be with the parents in North Carolina, it would be a nice time of sitting and reading, cooking and eating, not alot of activity, which is how I usually like my vacations. 

Before we graduated however, a group of my close friends committed to a 2013 Thanksgiving reunion. Our plan was to jointly rent a place somewhere between the northern and southern factions of our group, we therefore landed in West Virginia, Davis, West Virginia to be exact. Unless you're from Davis you probably don't know where it is, it's a town in northern West Virginia with a population of 660, according to the 2010 census. Perfect place to "get away" right?

Right. We bought all the food that we would need for the five days there because the closest shops were an hour or so away. When the topic of Black Friday shopping came up the distance quickly quelled most desires to go, and the coziness of our lodge was only magnified. Our location finders, Hannah Stanley and Ryan Thompson, used to preview and secure the destination. 

Daily activities consisted of: waking up late, cooking, eating, hiking, sitting in front of the fire, playing games like Settlers of Catan, spoons, and sardines, late night jacuzzi stargazing, and watching movies on a large projector. All in all a great vacation experience but mainly because of the excellent people to share it with. I highly recommend this idea to anyone interested in a family or friends getaway.

Featured in the photos and on the trip were: Ryan Thompson, Luke Cleland, Katie Klaiber, Karen Kong, Brady and Emiily Hollenbeck, and Karen Kong. Regretfully our good friend Kaylan Whitaker was not able to come, but we don't begrudge her, she's working in an excellent cause at Starfish Project, a Beijing located organization established in 2006 to empower exploited women in Asia.