Submission Saturday - Fathers

Today marks the Grand Opening of Saturday Submissions!

Thanks to all who participated in the the quiz and submission. This weeks lucky winner is Mrs. Shawn Arnold MacDonald of Greenville, South Carolina. Her submission entry is a photo of her father, the late Eugene(Gene) Arnold, a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy.

Mr. Arnold was a fighter pilot in WWII, a man who served his country well and loved his family passionately. A man remembered on earth and known in Heaven now. I recently watched Mel Gibson's We Were Soldiers , a movie portraying America's first step into the Vietnam War. There was a very strong connection in that movie between the wives and children at home and their soldiers/husbands/fathers fighting countries away. I can't help but believe every soldier's first thought going into battle is of their families, as well as their last thought should they fall there. It is a courageous thing to fear and to still fight.

Whenever coming to a portrait I have a mind to bring something new, something that speaks and has it's own narrative. I worked from Mrs. MacDonald's picture of her father and an image of a Navy pilot's wings, for a hint of symbolism.

Thanks again for participating in this weeks round! Check the SubSat now for next weeks category and questions.