Being my first post I thought I would make this one an introduction of sorts. Introducing you, The World, to myself, Benjamin J. Schipper. 

I say that not in a cold way, as if you were this giant, faceless orb of water and stone, but as one of the billion humans to walk upon it. You and I, I believe, are met with similar trials, temptations, and infirmities, but also with similar aspirations, hopes, and dreams; and are therefore uniquely gifted in understanding one another, simply by being human. So as I write and post with you in mind, dear individual, I would like for you to have me in mind as you, in turn, read.

Here are a few photographs to show you who I am, where I live, and work.

Luke Cleland of Cleland Studios

My fiance Karen Kong

At exactly twelve noon there's a particularly magical piece of sunlight that invades my house. About once a week I stop to take pictures of it in vsco, I highly recommend the iphone app, and buying the additional filters. Featured in these pictures are, in order, Luke Cleland my neighbor, Wenry the German Shepard, and Karen Kong my beautiful fiance.