Mighty Mauger is a hack-n-slash platforming video game under development. We're very early on in the process but want to have a place to drop cool images to show you all what we're thinking. Based on similar principles and play styles found in beautiful 2D games like Cuphead, Limbo, and Hollow Knight, Mighty Mauger endeavors to deliver a high caliber of illustration and effects as well as solid, enjoyable game play. 

Lightning features big in this game as a surprise and reveal effect. Hopefully it will freak the player out by its abruptness, and who knows, maybe an undead sludge monster will arise from the charred earth where it struck.

Our hero, the Mighty Mauger, faces dangers unparalleled, perils unprecedented, and wonders untold with the help of her ensorcelled armor. Possible actions above. (insert computer-genius-developer saying things about how the character sprite will move and interact with the surroundings intuitively with the greatest of ease.)